Welcome to the Property Law Section

The Property Law Section is part of the New Zealand Law Society, which represents property lawyers. Property conveyancing can only be done by lawyers or conveyancing practitioners.

This website contains useful information and resources on property law matters, and provides links to other handy sources of information. The ‘Find a Property Lawyer’ directory will help you quickly find a specialist property practitioner in your area.

Legal practitioners and Property Law Section members

If you are a property practitioner or Property Law Section member, visit the Property Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society website for practitioner resources.

Property law and you

Are you buying or selling a house? Thinking of ways to protect your property and other investments? If so, you will want to have proper safeguards in place. After all, dealing with property is likely to involve the biggest financial transactions you will ever make.

Members of the Property Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society have made a commitment to keep up to date with the frequent changes in the law in order to give you peace of mind and a truly professional service.

More than just buying and selling houses

A Property Law Section lawyer can help you with more than just buying or selling a house. Your property includes:

  • your house
  • your business
  • your bank accounts
  • your investments
  • everything else you own

A property lawyer can help you

A property lawyer can help you through the lifecycle of property ownership:

  • buy and sell your property;
  • complete loan arrangements with your bank and other lenders;
  • form a company for your business if required;
  • form a family trust and put all or part of your property into it if required;
  • complete a will giving your property to your family or others when you die;
  • advise you on the implications of property ownership in relationships other than marriage;
  • complete powers of attorney allowing others to deal with your property if you are overseas or incapacitated;
  • deal with your property in the event of your death.

The New Zealand Law Society’s website has some useful materials, to inform you of your legal rights, the law and how lawyers can help you. See Common legal issues and How To Choose a Lawyer.

Contact us

The New Zealand Law Society is not able to provide legal advice but may be able to assist with general information. If you have any queries relating to a property law matter, please contact property@lawsociety.org.nz and we will do our best to help.

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